Best Download Managers For Mac OS 2016-2017

Best Download Managers For Mac OS 2016-2017

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The download manager for Mac is essential for every Mac user downloads to your computer videos, music, books, apps, especially large files. By and large, Folx is super easy to download manager for Mac. Resuming the downloads is an added advantage saving lot of time and toil.


Folx can easily be the super easy top downloaders for macOS 2016-2017 supports Sierra as soon as it is released. It has a two-pronged attraction as function enhancement. It is a download manager cum torrent client in sandwiched in one app. The download process is least cumbersome. What you have to do is just open the web page along with the file to be saved. Then clicking the link in your web browser, the download will start instantaneously.


In the event, there is any break in the process, whatever be the reason, nothing to worry. This does load can be resumed from it was stopped. The app continues the interrupted downloads and lets you tag the downloaded content for natural search for the on the computer in spite how long ago you downloaded it.

Free and Pro version

Folx is a free tool, but the application would have the limited capacity. However, Folx PRO version would be ideal for those who have a wider range of applications. The additional features the Folx Pro offers are quite exhaustive. They split the downloads in up to 10 threads to enhance the speed

The download process can be accelerated as well as scheduled to suit your convenience. The added advantage Folx has is the automatic speed adjustment in tune with the internet speed. It can be integrated with I tunes in a seamless manner. The incorporation of Torrents, password manager, and authentication are made Folx is super easy to download manager for Mac.

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