Civil Law and Criminal Law

Civil Law and Criminal Law

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When it comes to any large organization like the GWC Valve International company, knowing the difference between civil law and criminal law can save you a lot of time if ever someone were to sue your company. When it comes to criminal law, it prohibits and punishes any wrongful conduct and there is a plaintiff who is the one who is filling out the complaint and they usually have a government body whom is a lawyer acting as a representative for society, there is also a defendant who is the one who is charged of the crime and this can be an individual or an organization. When it comes to criminal law on the other hand, there is a criminal punishment to it and this can be jail time or some heavy fines and in most cases it is both. Civil law is when the law government disputes between private parties and the plaintiff is the one who is suing another party who us known as the defendant and this is usually to obtain compensation of some sort for some wrong that the defendant has done to the plaintiff. This is crucial information for the GWC company since they deal with heavy machinery and anything can go wrong at another company who bought their valves and they can blame them for this.

There is also a term called the tort law and this involves covering torts or civil wrongs such as injuries done to someone personally or to something that belongs to them like their car. When it comes to giving a punishment for tort cases, it is simply in monetary compensation that the court orders the defendant to pay the plaintiff. There is a term called intention torts where it is an intentional act to hurt the plaintiff or to damage something that belongs to them. Negligence torts and strict liability torts is quite similar to these cases and every company needs to know these terms in order to avoid them and know what they are potentially being sued for.

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