Different Types of Golf Swing Analyzers

Different Types of Golf Swing Analyzers

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A golf swing analyzer is a really cool equipment that lets a golfer interpret his swing aspect. It breaks down the swing scientifically and fixes it based on the available data.

Some are small, large and the rest require nothing but an app. Though some golfers doubt the device’s accuracy, the rest find it very resourceful. They say being able to see their ideal and actual swing movement side by side is very helpful at fixing accuracy and correcting errors. Read the Skygolf Skypro Swing analyzer here:  www.topgolfrangefinders.com/skygolf-skypro-swing-analyzer as it is a great choice to consider.

The devices are apt for those analytical golfers who wish to see each and every aspect of their swing fragmented so as to have a clearer idea. They are an excellent tool for beginners and a big help for professionals who wish to polish their skills.

Swing analyzers usually come in 4 different styles.

App on Smart Device’s Camera

The simplest one would be an app that could be used on one’s smart device’s camera. These are least accurate when compared to the other versions as they solely rely on the camera to determine the speed and provide other additional information. The basic info that this kind of apps would be able to provide is on the arc and the angles of one’s swing. The speed and tempo info may not be provided. Such apps are usually free.

Combination of an App and a Pre-Installed Sensor

The second type of swing analyzer would have a collaboration of an app and a pre-installed sensor, which is attached to the golfer’s glove. Though this is not the most accurate one, it will provide substantial information when compared to the app.

It will even let the golfer slow down his/her motion and allow him to mark on his own video according to the optimum points or use a PC-generated version. The swing analyzer can also at times be used with a phone as a 2nd sensor to estimate hip rotation.

Analyzer Mounted on Club

Now the third type is mounted directly onto the club. This comes in 2 varieties.

The first kind is directly clamped on the club shaft. The issue with this kind of analyzer is that a strong vibration shot can loosen it, and with time its grip may loosen, so the equipment may no longer fit well.

The second kind looks like a tiny button that pops into the club’s grip. By far, this kind is considered as the most accurate analyzer and it is pretty incredible as to how such a small device could give such massive data.

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